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Around the world, Engineers , contractors and stake holders are seeking for solutions to accelerate the project delivery. HAPVAS is dedicated in developting solutions for design engineering in a easy to use manner with state of the art web technologies.


Our Products and Services

We offer wide range of products and services for engineering community.

Smart Cloud Engineer

Cloud based civil and structural design applications. A plethora of practical design applications developed to simplify the structural design office tasks. It offers design options in British, American and European standards. The design files can be stored locally or on cloud for easy access across different devices

Software Developement

Innovative approach and unquenched thirst for technological refinement and advancement, we offer software development to automate and simplify the business processes systematically to put our customers ahead of the competition.

We have in depth knowhow on desktop application development, web development and mobile developement.

Engineering Consultancy

We offer consultancy services in construction and energy industries. Backed up by international exposure with decades of experience in massive projects – we drive ahead and analyze potential opportunities to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Managed Solutions

Understanding our client needs, we evaluate every aspect of the recruitment processes and provide a detailed plan of technical and manpower solutions. We carry out every step of the recruitment process till the objectives are accomplished.

Concrete Module

The concrete modules has comprehensive list of applications currently supporting BS codes..

  • RC Rectangular Beam
  • RC Flanged Beam
  • RC Rectangular Column
  • RC Circular Columns
  • RC Staircase
  • RC Slab Design
Foundation - Module

The foundation modules include various foundations and pile caps.

  • Isolated Foundation
  • Pile CAP - 2 Piles
  • Pile CAP - 3 Piles
  • Pile CAP - 4 Piles
Steel Module

The Steel modules has comprehensive list of applications currently supporting BS codes..

  • Steel Base Plate – Pinned
  • Steel Base Plate - Fixed
Masonry Module

The Masonry modules has following applictions as per BS code.

  • Lintel Beam analsysis
  • Masonry Column design
  • Masonry Bearing Design
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